Review: Cafe de Flore

MFR Rating: ★ ★ ★
Cafe de Flore is a French-Canadian film with an incredibly French feel. A tale of romantic longing, fractured souls, a melancholic psychological edge and long pauses for thought make for an intriguing piece which is often frustrating but in the end I found it difficult not to feel some affection towards it. It certainly has something, something resembling a warmth and sincere heart but its attempt at a psychological depth at times felt like it was trying a little too hard. The film takes place in two separate timelines, both dealing with different types of love. The narrative technique can feel slightly disorientating and underwhelming until the resonance becomes clearer later on during the film. It attempts something rather difficult as it pulls together different threads, which can seem a bit tedious until the emotional intrigue cascades later. The strange narrative, although bold and interesting, did at times feel somewhat isolating. I can’t say I ever really bought into it completely, but that is not to say this film’s not worth a watch.

Cafe de Flore is out on 11th May in the UK. Running time 120 mins. Certificate 15 (UK).

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Review by David Rank

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